Daily Schedule

Miss Shaw's Schedule

7:59 - 8:45

1st Period: 8th Grade English

8:59 - 9:45

2nd Period: 8th Grade English

9:49 - 10:35

~ 3rd Period: Prep- Period ~

10:39 - 11:25

4th Period: 7th Grade English

11:25 - 11:55


11:59 - 12:45

5th Period: 7th Grade English

12:49 - 1:35

6th Period: 7th Grade English

1:39 - 2:25

7th Period: 7th Grade English

2:29 - 3:15

8th Period: 8th Grade English 

Contact Michaela Shaw

Classroom Number:
School Phone:
474-5847 Ext. 223
Conference Time:
9:50 am - 10:35 am (preferred)

Michaela Shaw - Lesson Plans

Michaela Shaw

Upcoming Due Dates

Students will be asked to turn in their weekly READING HOMEWORK every MONDAY. 

Students will be asked to turn in their weekly BELL WORK every FRIDAY. 

Students will have a PRE-ASSESSMENT every MONDAY.

Student will have a QUIZ over their weekly lessons every FRIDAY. 


A.R. Reading

Students are required to read at least three A.R. books by the end of this nine weeks: 

A.R. Book #1: January 19 (Fiction)

A.R. Book #2: February 2 (Fiction)

A.R. Book #3: February 16 (Non-Fiction)

These due dates are in an effort to help students monitor their progress. Students will not be penalized for taking longer to read their books, as long as they get three read and tested over by the end of the nine weeks.