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Jarrod Remer

Welcome to my webpage! This year we will be studying Arkansas History in the Fall semester and American History in the Spring semester. My class is a little unique in that I give a semester test at the end of each semester. I believe this is important to prepare our 8th grade students for High School. I utilize the following  activities in my classes:

  1. Summative Note Taking
  2. Group Projects
  3. Short Reaction Papers
  4. Choose Your Own Assignment activities
  5. Individual Projects
  6. Jig Saw Activities.

The Choose Your Own Assignment activities that your child is completing in my class is unique. There will be several different assignments your child will complete as part of the projects. Each assignment is worth a differing amount of points. Depending on the unit, students will be required to complete a certain amount of points by the end of the unit. Your child will have at least 1 day per week dedicated to these assignments.  I believe that by completing these assignments, the students must go deeper into the content. These assignments are in addition to their regular classwork. 

The website for the textbook in the spring is  Your child can log in using the passwords they were given in class and have access to the entire textbook at home.

I look forward to teaching your child this year! Go Pirates!


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Jarrod Remer

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